Beyond The Cray



Welcome, Friend.  Thank you for checking out this post.  May it be of service to you.

The mind can fluctuate so tremendously.  I can be on cloud 9 one moment, exuberant and full of confidence, on fire and flowing with ease.  Then I have an experience (maybe I read something, have a conversation, or I simply interpret something that happened), and suddenly can drop into a state of feeling almost paralyzed, so heavy and afraid to move forward. I’ve recognized that a lot of this shift stems from how I am perceiving my experiences, what labels I put on them, and how I judge them and myself.  This often contributes to feeling under pressure to take certain action, or triggering limiting beliefs about myself.

In the Yoga Sutras we find the message: “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha,” which means that yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.  It’s such a daily practice.

This practice for me is one of working to observe without judgement, to be present.  And yoga is the union of everything. So my daily practice encompasses my movement, stillness, interactions with others, self-talk, food, energy, community,  activities, thoughts, environment, how I respond to Life, my Soul experience across time, space and dimension.


Some components of the whole that I am finding helpful when my mind goes buckwild (and, to help me experience a greater sense of balance in general) are:

Breathing.  Touch my belly and feel a deep inhale and exhale. This instantly helps me to come back to the present moment.

Language.  Be my own cheerleader! Use my words in a helpful way, reminding myself that this, too, shall pass.  Remind myself to let go of assumptions before jumping to conclusions. Encourage myself and celebrate how far I’ve come.


Meditation.  While sometimes I don’t even feel like I have the energy to sit with myself when I’m mentally cluttered and overwhelmed, each time that I choose to be still and go within, it helps. I really enjoy visualizing that I am releasing all the shenanigans with my exhale, and breathing in all the good stuff with my inhale.  There are countless ways to do this, but that’s one technique that helps me to energetically, mentally and emotionally empty out and replenish my vessel.  ***I’ll soon be offering guided meditations on this site so stay tuned! 


Movement.  Mobilizing my body in ways that I love helps to shift my mind in a powerful way.  Endorphins, moving stagnant energy, releasing tension, feeling that I am connected with my body, having fun, works WONDERS.


Healthy foods.  The sugar and junk only make my mind heavier and foggier. When I choose to eat clean, I clear space for my everything to function better.


Community.  Spending time with loved ones helps to lift me up tremendously and also to release and ground.  My loved ones often help me to come out of my mental rabbit hole.


Nature.  Connecting with her is liberating and healing.

Prayer. Asking for support from the Highest Good and all forces that serve the Highest Good helps me to tap into the Universal web of support that exists for me across time, space and dimension.

The coming together of all of this is part of my Yoga.

If you could use a little more headspace, community support, movement that helps your energy flow more freely, stillness, gentleness, deeper breathing, uplifting and eclectic music, self-love, and a safe space to show up as you are without expectations, then join me at EmergeSoul Boutique tonight (Tuesday, Sept. 4) from 7:30-8:30 PM for my Emerging Flow class.  Let’s go within and come out feeling more connected to our true selves, beyond the mental cray.  

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Anne Michiko


NewYorkiversary Reflections



First night out dancing in NYC, August 2013, at S.O.B.’s with Jane



Feeling the drums with Anjel at NYC Central Park Drumming Circle, 2018


Communing with Nature at Barnegat Light Beach in NJ, 2018



I return to blog-land after a lengthy hiatus!  It has been a journey since my last post and has taken me some time to find the headspace to write another one.  But, as we practice on the mat: each breath, each pose, each moment and each day is a new beginning. No matter what came before, now is the perfect chance to begin again!  Applying the concept that Yoga is the Union of All, I would like to share with you some reflections that represent the coming together of pieces of my Journey of Life, as I celebrate my NewYorkiversary.

Today marks five years since I arrived in this city, full of anxiety but also  anticipation of mysterious adventures to unfold. I thought I was staying for a month, to investigate options, network, and hopefully return to Baton Rouge with inspiration for how to possibly make a life for myself in the Big Apple down the road.  During my first couple weeks here, my friend Jane helped me realize that I had permission to stay here indefinitely, if I wanted to, and that I didn’t have to go back to Baton Rouge. I stayed.

As expressed by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist,  “…Making a decision was only the beginning of things.  When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”  This book was one of my guiding lights throughout my transition into my new life and into my next few years here. And its words speak such truth:

This journey has been full of challenges, soul searching, doubt, fear, frustration, periods of feeling stuck and lost, weariness, disappointment and tears.  But it has also been full of adventure, phenomenal community, support, growth, discovery, inspiration, beauty, cultivation of my voice, friendship, exquisite art, bountiful fun, increased awareness, cultural exploration, diversity, opportunities to explore movement in many forms, to speak my truth, to shed stigmas, to come to terms with myself and my worth, to take risks, to be brave, to deepen and expand, and to give and receive love.

What have I learned?

Some of the fears I had before coming here did indeed manifest.  But I survived. And I learned valuable lessons from them. I also realized I don’t have to let them stop me from continuing along my path.  My soul has the power to rise above. My body has the power to heal. I have the power to change my life and recreate, over and over again. Moments when I have felt the most broken and the most vulnerable, have served as guiding forces showing me what patterns to work to release, what shifts to begin to make.  They have been powerful reminders shouting so loudly that I have had no choice but to listen, and remember where I want to go, how I want to spend my time and energy, who I want to spend it with, and what I want to move toward. They have pushed me to connect more with my Purpose. The painful experiences have helped me better understand the human condition, as well perceive myself more deeply as a Spiritual Being.  They have helped me develop more compassion and empathy, release judgment, relate to others more, and continue to flow with and sculpt this ever evolving work in progress called Life.

I have learned not to put anyone on a pedestal, that no one is above me, and I am above no one.  While humility is essential, so is having confidence in my own truth. Although I may look up to someone tremendously, I recognize that we are all working through our “stuff” and figuring things out.  I must listen to my intuition and not hold anyone’s truth above my own.

I have realized how adaptable I am.  I have learned how to let myself be more vulnerable for the sake of healing, growth and deeper connection with others.  I have learned how to be more independent, as well as truly live in community. I have realized that it is ok to ask for help, and that when I allow myself to do so, my village comes together in support and amazing miracles happen.

I have learned that it is truly never too late to begin again. Never. While windows of opportunity do pass when we don’t take them, today is always a  chance to make a positive shift. I realized that I have to constantly release criticism of my past in order to set myself free to embrace my now.
I have learned that my body never lies, and always speaks volumes about what is going on in every area of my life.  My physical body, emotions, energy, mind and spirit are inextricably connected and I must heed the messages my body offers me.  
I have learned that it is ABSOLUTELY  ESSENTIAL that I do what makes me happy. PERIOD. The illusion that only some folks get to do that, or that I must  have permission to do so, or that I have to wait “until the conditions are right” is a lie. Following these suffocating ideas opens the door to gradual death of the spirit, body and mind. Accepting my REQUIREMENT to DO ME —-TODAY — opens the door to new life and to the conspiring of the Universe in my favor.  It’s a huge challenge to navigate this, and by no means have I mastered it. Rather, it is a truth that I come back to time and time again.

I give thanks for the many threads that have become a part of my tapestry over the past five years, in NYC, Louisiana, Brazil, Guam, across the country, and across the globe.  I celebrate the fact that I made it this far here, and all of the growth I have experienced along the way. I cherish all who have become part of my Tribe, who have communed with me, held me, wiped the tears from my eyes, encouraged me, made me laugh, lifted me up, helped me lift myself up, inspired me, provided me a home, helped me to see myself and realize my worth, taught me valuable lessons, challenged me, listened, expanded my awareness, trusted, shared, opened doors of possibility, and enriched my life in countless ways.  I celebrate all Forces that serve the Highest Good who have had my back, even when I didn’t know it, including my Ancestors, Deities, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and the Universe at large. I celebrate my Body, my sacred temple, and everything that it has been able to do, as well as all that it teaches me. I celebrate the hunger still present in my heart to keep striving to realize my dreams, and that the flame of desire never became extinguished.

Thank you for reading. May you find encouragement as you navigate your journey, especially as challenges arise. I wish you clarity, passion, motivation, hope, self love, supportive and stimulating community, a sense of permission to Do You, opportunities to live your dreams, an abundance of food for the soul, and a deep knowing of your tremendous worth.

Reclaiming What Is Yours: Embracing New Beginnings


Thalia, Me, Hazel

Welcome, Friends!

I recently led yoga and meditation for a women’s renewal retreat at an exquisite bed and breakfast called Minerva’s By The Sea. This island jewel is located in Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Emma Lapsansky, who runs the space, created an incredible sense of home for us all, joining us for delicious meals that she cooked with love, guiding us through conversation to help us all get to know one another, sharing her beautiful stories with us, organizing a mix of massage therapy, manicures, psychic readings and art projects, as well as making the house itself delightfully comfortable with whimsical, colorful decor, extremely lovely and relaxing rooms with names (my room was Anemone), puzzles, bikes, books and everything you could possibly need to feel completely at ease and at home.

During the retreat I met ten unique, beautiful, powerful women, each of whom shined her light to help create a special sisterhood. I was honored and blessed to get to know them, learn from them, and to hold space for them to connect more with themselves through a mix of meditation, restorative yoga and chair yoga. I was inspired and touched to encounter a mother, daughter and grandmother trio, a mother and daughter duo, three friends who had roomed together in college many years ago, and two friends who had decided to take a trip together.

In the latter duo was Thalia: an energetic, hilarious, amazing, inspiring, beautiful woman who has been on this planet for almost 91 years. When we met, she expressed her hesitation about participating in the yoga sessions, explaining that she sometimes gets dizzy and was concerned that the classes might not be accessible to her. Thalia shared that when she tried yoga in her twenties, the instructor told her that yoga wasn’t for her, that she shouldn’t do it because of an issue with her equilibrium. In that moment Thalia became convinced that she should never practice yoga asana (poses) again, and never did for over 60 years. I explained that yoga is about connecting with yourself; that the physical postures are just one tool to aid in the holistic union of mind, body, soul and Universe; that a physical yoga practice could be as simple as breathing with intention; and that every exercise could be modified to meet the capabilities and needs of the practitioner. She agreed to give it a shot.

Thalia blew me away in chair yoga! Her enthusiasm, playfulness, commitment to trying everything and finding her edge, her openness and the delightful feedback she gave throughout the session, enlivened the entire room. After the session, she expressed frustration for not having revisited yoga sooner; however, she was hooked and was determined to make yoga a regular practice for the rest of her life.  Here is a video  of her sharing her story.  😊

I learned so much from Thalia. Perhaps the biggest take away was the importance of embracing and celebrating our new beginnings, and that it is truly NEVER too late to make a positive change in our lives. How often have you told yourself that it’s too late to change [fill in the blank]? How many times have you felt ashamed, frustrated, angry or disappointed in yourself for the steps you have taken along your path that have led up to now? Perhaps in moments when you have decided to make a shift you have simultaneously felt upset that it took this long to get here. I’ve certainly experienced all of the above countless times. What if, instead, we choose to CELEBRATE the fact that we have arrived at a point in our awareness where we are finally ready to bravely change course? There are limitless ways that this can play out in our lives.

One area that I am applying this philosophy is in my decision to start studying Japanese again and to connect more with my roots. My father is from Okinawa, Japan. His father was from Lubang, Philippines, and his mother, my Grandma, is from Kohama, Japan. After encountering racism as a preschooler, I refused to speak Japanese with my Dad anymore. I wanted to fit in. I stopped learning what was inherently mine and missed out on opportunities to connect with my own heritage as well as to be able to have deep, fluent conversations with my Japanese relatives (particularly Grandma), as most of them are not fluent in English. I later realized how important it was to reclaim my language. In college I studied Japanese but gradually stopped practicing once I stopped taking the course, and have since forgotten much of what I studied. For years I felt guilty calling Grandma at all, out of shame for my limited language skills. I felt that I had fallen off track and that perhaps I would just give up talking to her until I had started studying again.

I have had Japanese on my list for years, thinking, “I’ll pick it back up when I have time.” But I realized that unless I decide to commit to it and carve out the study space in my schedule, I will never have time. Though I beat myself up over the years for rejecting my language and for not making it a priority to continue my studies, I realized that I could stop judging myself and embrace this new beginning. I realized that what mattered was that I reach out to Grandma, even if the conversations were very basic for a while. The heart can communicate beyond verbal language barriers. And I realized that it’s not too late to pick the language back up! It doesn’t matter what came before.

I am going to buy a language program this week and start studying Japanese regularly again, with the goal of being able to speak with Grandma on a deeper level by the time I visit her this December in Guam, where she now lives.

Thalia had the right to have a yoga practice. I had the right to learn and speak my language with pride. Both of us are reclaiming what is ours, NOW.

What are you ready to reclaim? What new beginnings are you ready to embrace? Is it a career, a relationship, a hobby, a habit, a new schedule that serves you more, a new way of expressing yourself, or something else?  Today is truly the first day of the rest of your life!  In yoga we practice embracing each new beginning (each new breath, each new pose, each new day of practicing, each new thought) and then letting go to make space for yet another beginning. Such is the beauty of Life.

May you experience gratitude toward Life, the Divine and yourself for each milestone of awareness and positive change along your path.

“Don’t let the past stifle your progress. Let it empower you.”

-Suguru Nakamichi Tangi (my Dad)

Namaste, じゃあまたね (jaa mata ne)



Grandma Takiko Tangi and me in Guam, 2008


Art project at Minerva’s By The Sea Bed and Breakfast


With Emma, Innkeeper and Primary Owner of Minerva’s

Come out and play!

Hey Friends!

Picture yourself as a young child.  What do you look like?  What brings you delight?  What brings you fear?  What do you crave more than anything?

Now imagine this child residing in a cave inside your heart.  It longs to express itself, to be loved, to be accepted, to connect, to be seen.  The child draws a picture to give to someone you care about.  It is so excited to share this artwork.  But you, as an adult, don’t think the picture is good enough, so you say, “It’d be better to throw this picture away.  Once you’ve cultivated your drawing skills more, then we can show others your picture.”  Immediately the little child gets shoved deeper into the cave.   It feels hurt, inadequate, ashamed, small, and repressed.

As people, each time we label ourselves as inadequate, unworthy, or we tell ourselves that we should be achieving more than we already have, we harm the tiny child within us.  When we shrug off our challenges and say, “Well, that’s nothing compared to what other people have experienced,” we are shoving the little child deeper into the cave, telling it that its experiences are not valid, that it doesn’t really matter.

But when we speak lovingly to the child within us, with words of appreciation and affirmation, celebrating our successes every step of the way, we encourage the child to come out and play, to speak, dance, sing, shout, and create with abandon.  We teach ourselves that we are worthy, we allow healing to occur, and from this place, only good can come.

I invite you to take a walk with your inner child, give it space to shine, listen to what it is telling you, and treat yourself with compassion throughout your day.  Just as we would want our own children to feel safe, encouraged, affirmed and supported, our own inner children need just that.

Come connect with your inner child at a playful yoga class this weekend/next week at Emerge Boutique Wellness Studio (with Urban Yoga Foundation) and at Area Yoga Brooklyn.

IG:@annetangi@biteablelife @urbanyogafoundation_ @areayogabrooklyn

Wonder, splendor, imagination, healing, connection and freedom await you!

Saturday May 6 – Area Yoga Brooklyn (103 1st Place)
9:20 – Open
10:50 – Basics
12:20 – Open

Tuesday May 9 – Emerge Boutique Wellness Studio (with Urban Yoga Foundation) – 380 MacDonough
7:30 pm – Basic Hatha

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Spring Inspiration






Good Day, All!

Here are some bursts of spring inspiration I encountered during my walks this week.  May the warmth and sun of the season give you new life, as it has been doing for me.  Enjoy some more inspiration this week at a yoga class:

Monday April 17: Area Yoga (429 Bergen St.)
4:00 PM Open Level
7:00 PM Open Level

Tuesday April 18: Emerge Boutique Wellness Studio (with Urban Yoga Foundation)
7:30 PM Basic Hatha

Wednesday April 19: Area Yoga (Court St.)
5:45 PM Open Level

Check out my calendar on my blog: for the most up-to-date class schedule.

May you find the chance to be out in nature this week!






To The Edge


Dear Fellow Global Citizens,

I find myself asking, “What is my role in the current political, national and global environment?”  The inundation of flabbergasting and traumatizing information, combined with the inspiration I find in so many friends who are standing up against injustice, is pushing me to discover my own Edge.  In yoga classes we always seek to find our edge: that place where our bones are in alignment, our muscles are being used in the right way, we are going as far as we can while breathing fully, free of pain, and our energy can flow freely, allowing us to experience the most vibrant versions of ourselves and to grow.  Our edge is always changing, depending on our anatomy, what we are going through on a particular day, or at a particular phase of life, and how all of that is manifesting in our bodies.  Everyone has a unique expression of each pose.  It doesn’t matter where your edge is, but it does matter that you find it.

In the yoga of daily life, everyone has a unique way to use one’s passions, skills and community connections to stand up for Greater Good.  This means that we must explore what resonates with each of us.  Are you more into protests, doing research, calling your senator, educating others about what’s going on by posting enlightening information on social media, holding a safe space for people to express what they’re experiencing, organizing, creating positive spaces for people to experience joy (which can give us fuel to go on), leading meditations and prayers, having very real (and sometimes very uncomfortable) conversations with others whose views differ greatly from yours, or something else?  

May we all recognize and remember that everything and everyone is connected.  All of life is connected. That is the meaning of Yoga: Union. To Yoke. Oneness.  And history is connected to the present. Mistakes of the past have the ability to repeat themselves if we lose touch with those connections and memories, and fail to take the lesson that those past experiences offer us.  When we stay in our bubbles, our comfort zones, and our fears, we miss out on opportunities to sink into that greater tapestry of Human Experience and Universal Consciousness.  In such moments, I risk losing sight of the fact that an injustice committed against you is ultimately an injustice committed against myself.  If I step out in an act of fear (disguised as an act love for my own, or the desire to protect my own AT ALL COSTS) then I may become blind to the moment when my sense of desperation to protect my well-being comes at the COST of YOUR well-being.  I may try to remove myself from the situation in order to avoid facing the difficult choices ahead, or I may act aggressively and senselessly, both paths yielding harmful results.  When I step out in an act of faith, hope and courage, however, I have the opportunity to cultivate Light in the Darkness. Love can then usher in the chance to build bridges rather than walls, to unite rather than divide, to develop friendships rather than enemies, to create space for conversations that can help to bring healing, understanding and forgiveness, rather than fuel chaos through rigidity and ignorance that can only breed more fear, hate and division.  

So let’s all work to find our Balance, our Edge: that sweet spot where we are aligned with our true selves, our best selves, which will allow our energy to flow freely, and enable us to use our power in the most productive, positive way, with AWARENESS, for the benefit of ALL BEINGS.   

There are times to walk and times to run; times to follow the path of least resistance and times to resist.  I invite you to connect with yourself and evaluate your edge, over and over, as it is always changing, so that you may connect with your community, the broader global community and the Oneness of All.  

Come discover your edge at a yoga class over the next couple weeks.  I’m teaching:

Tuesday Jan. 31
Area Yoga (Montague) – Express – 12.30-1:30 p.m.
Area Yoga (5th Ave.) – Power Yoga – 4:00-5:10 p.m.
Emerge Boutique Wellness Studio * Like us on Facebook.  380 MacDonough St., Brooklyn, NY- Basic Hatha – 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Monday Feb. 6
Area Yoga (5th Ave.) – Basics – 8:25-9:35 p.m.

Tuesday Feb. 7
Emerge Boutique Wellness Studio – Basic Hatha – 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Monday Feb. 13
Area Yoga (Court St.) – Sweat, Stretch, Relax – 4.20-5:30
Area Yoga (5th Ave.) – Basics – 8:25-9:35 p.m.

Tuesday Feb. 14
Emerge Boutique Wellness Studio – Basic Hatha – 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu.  May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.

In Yoga,


Spunk And Spook


Happy Halloween Friends!

If you want to add some spunk and spook to your weekend/week, come join me for a class.  I’ll be teaching:

Saturday Oct. 29 – Area Yoga (Court St.)
Open – 9:20
Basic – 10:50
Open – 12:20

Tuesday Nov. 1 – Emerge Boutique Wellness Studio (380 MacDonough St.)
Basic – 7:30 p.m. (evening class)

Saturday Nov. 5 – Area Yoga (Court St.)
Open – 9:20
Basic – 10:50
Open – 12:20

Catch ya later,

The Rock And The Waves



Hello Dear Yogis,

Close your eyes and take five deep breaths.  Feel the ability of this life force to connect you with peace, right here, right now.  Observe yourself slowing down and deepening.  Ahhhh.  Feels good, right?

Welcome home.

I recently returned from the most wonderful yoga retreat with Urban Yoga Foundation in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  We were able to catch the tail end of summer weather and spend time playing in the waves and walking on top of large rocks in the water.

Whether you made it to the beach this summer or not, imagine the ocean where it meets the shore. See the sunlight bounce off the water. Hear the sound of the waves.  Picture a large rock firmly planted into the ocean floor.  It is large enough that you could climb on top of it to sit and watch the sea.  As the waves roll toward the shore, they crash against the rock. In the midst of the turbulence, notice how the rock stays strong and grounded, right where it is.

In our own oceans, we have currents that are constantly flowing. There are waves of thought that come and go, flooding our minds, sometimes crashing against them. There is another current that permeates us, just as powerfully, and that is our breath. Like the waves, like the tide surging toward the shore, then pulling back, our breath surges through us, never stagnant, always flowing.

Your yoga practice is an awesome space where you can let your breath keep you steady. As thoughts come to you, let the breath bring you ease, focus, simplicity, and bliss. Observe the distractions that come, embrace them, then let them go. As you move through intense postures, as your heart beats faster, as you feel the water moving across across you, covering you, the rock stays firmly grounded in the sand. In the midst of the noise and the force of the crashing waves, I invite you to find the power of your breath…

I am delighted to announce that I will be teaching weekly classes at a brand new BROOKLYN studio in Bedford-Stuyvescent, starting October 4:

Emerge Studio (partnering with Urban Yoga Foundation)
Tuesdays – 12:30 – 1:30 – Basic Hatha
380 McDonough St.
Brooklyn, NY 11233
(917) 809-7581
*Web page and Facebook page are under construction.

I am also subbing classes at Area Yoga over the next couple weeks.  Check out the calendar tab of this blog for all dates.

In addition, I am teaching youth at DREAM Charter, Pusteblume International Preschool and Bronx Academy of Letters.  I will also soon be giving classes to teachers through Success In Motion 4 U.  I am so happy to be able to use the gift of yoga to help empower youth and the teachers who guide them.   If you are interested in having me teach someone if your life, please let me know!

Come join me this week to reconnect with the breath, body, mind and spirit.  As we practice staying grounded with our breath while our bodies experience floods of sensations and challenges on our mats, we are increasing our ability to find grounding and balance in the midst of our daily challenges in life.  As the current of life brings new experiences your way, may your rock stay grounded throughout your week.  May your waves of thought and breath move in harmony.

In Peace,



Shifting With Grace


Photo Credit Longtower Photography



I hope you’re loving this weekend and that you caught sight of the full moon last night.  Come celebrate the last days of Summer and the beginning of Autumn with me at a yoga class!  As always, you can find my most up-to-date teaching schedule on the calendar tab at the top of this page. I’m also excited to start teaching yoga next week to Pre-K students at DREAM Charter!  If you or someone you know is interested in a mix of yoga/dance/mindfulness-based learning at schools, give me a shout out! I’m really looking forward to helping empower Young Souls.

As for my Grown Friends, I’ll be teaching….

Sunday Sept. 18 – Area Yoga
10:45 Open Level – Court St.
12:30 Gentle Flow – Court St.

Monday Sept. 19 – Area Yoga
5:30 p.m. Sweat, Stretch and Relax – 5th Ave.

Thursday Sept. 22 – Urban Yoga Foundation
12:30 Basic Hatha

May this transition into a new season bring welcomed shifts, new perspectives and opportunities for growth into your own life.  Remember that every season offers its own magic.


Come Together

hands coming together

Dear Friends,

In the midst of so much chaos that is in full swing throughout our hometowns, states, countries, and world, I invite you to come join me for some uplifting, healing, supportive yoga classes this week.  My home city of Baton Rouge is experiencing tragic epic flooding as I write.  Each time I check in on the situation, while I feel distraught at the trauma and suffering people are experiencing, I am also inspired by the many stories over the past couple days of the community members coming together to help rescue one another (via boat, helicopter and even horseback), volunteer at shelters, spend hours searching for loved ones to ensure that they are safe and accounted for, rescue pets, offer up their homes as places of refuge, and more.  Keep it up, B.R.!!!

Spaces of love and support are also spaces for overcoming obstacles and experiencing healing.  Let’s come together this week and help each other tap into that inner strength, courage, hope and light.

Songs for inspiration this week:

We Are Here by Alicia Keys
You’ve Got A Friend by James Taylor
Come Together by The Beatles
504 by Soul Rebels

Below you can find my current schedule for this week for Area Yoga and Urban Yoga Foundation.  I am constantly picking up classes to sub for fellow teachers, as well, so keep checking my calendar tab above for the most up-to-date schedule.


12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Hatha Yoga Basics – Urban Yoga Foundation, Harlem


Classes I am subbing this week:

Monday, August 15:
10:00 a.m. – 11:10 a.m. – Power Yoga – Area Yoga Brooklyn, 5th Ave.

Friday, August 19:
5:00 p.m. – 6:10 p.m. – Flow and Restore – Area Yoga Brooklyn, Court St.
6:15 p.m. – 7:25 p.m. – Open Level – Area Yoga Brooklyn, Court St.
7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. – Restorative – Area Yoga, Court St.

Sunday, August 21
9:20 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. – Power Yoga – Area Yoga Brooklyn, Court St.
11:05 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. – Open Level – Area Yoga Brooklyn, Montague St.
12:25 p.m. – 1:35 p.m. – Basics – Area Yoga Brooklyn, Montague St.