About Me

Photo Credit: Nora Charters

Photo Credit: Nora Charters

As a dancer with back pain, I first saw yoga as a marvelous physical exercise that left my body feeling open in ways I had never experienced. I later discovered that there is so much more to yoga than asana, or the postures. For me, yoga is the connection among all things, experiencing the richness of each moment, connecting to one’s Higher Self, accepting what is and moving forward from a place of love, faith and surrender.

After beginning to experience additional elements of yoga, such as meditation, the power of breath, and ways to connect the poses to other aspects of life, I wanted to help others experience that depth and bliss. I completed my RYT-200 hour certification through Yoga Bliss/Yoga in the Woods in 2011 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  In my classes, I love helping create a safe, encouraging space where students let their breath guide their practice.  I use imagery and metaphors to help bring students to a deeper place and incorporate my passions for free movement and self-expression.

In 2016 I felt called to begin working with youth again, which I had done previously as an instructor of dance, Spanish and English.  In New York City, I became an integrative enrichment specialist through Urban Yoga Foundation’s Kids Yoga teacher training program and have been using yoga and mindfulness to empower and heal youth and adults throughout the boroughs ever since.  I especially love working with lower elementary children.  Through this work I have embraced the concept that everything is yoga: Everything can be a tool to help us connect to our authentic selves when we are mindful and receptive to the present moment.

Ultimately, as a teacher, I aim to help others feel more comfortable in their own skin, tap into their unique rhythms, and shine their light.  I currently live in Brooklyn, NY but I also enjoy teaching in my hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and have had the privilege of sharing yoga in the Philippines.  I am excited to bring yoga around the world as a tool to help others remember their natural state of peace and bliss.

Photo Credit: Longtower Photography

Photo Credit: Longtower Photography


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