Surf’s Up!

surfer huge wave

Picture the beach. Feel the warmth from the sun kiss your skin. See the blue-green water. Hear the waves that roll toward the shore, then pull away from it. Picture a surfer riding the waves. Even though the water is turbulent, notice how by tapping into the breath, the core, and by staying flexible, the surfer has the power to balance, to find strength and fluidity, and to dance across the waves. Now see yourself as the surfer standing gracefully on the surfboard…

Happy Friday, Friends!

It’s beach time! Although the past few days have been on the chilly side here in NYC, I have seen folks strutting through the streets with their surf boards lately, perhaps on the way to the Rockaways (a peninsula out in Queens with surf-able beaches). Have you ever been surfing? If not, have you ever watched other people hit the waves? I have not yet explored surfing, although I have a feeling this is the summer that I will. However, I used to teach SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga). Balancing on a board in the water is an awesome experience in which no moment can be taken for granted, as the simplest movements become much more challenging. I have noticed that in the moments where I try to stay totally still and hold my breath, I actually am more likely to fall. However, once I accept that the water is going to keep moving, and that I am going to keep moving, I can relax and actually become one with the waves. Of course, I must apply effort, as well. When I combine steady breathing with a strong but supple body, I get into a groove with the water.

On our yoga mats, we need to be strong as well as flexible with ourselves.  We must activate the core to keep us safe and to find the strength to practice the poses.  When a posture does not feel right, we need to adjust. Sometimes, we need to push ourselves a bit further, and other times, we need to tweak our alignment or give ourselves permission to rest.  Meanwhile, the breath helps us focus and find ease.

Off-the-mat, we need to be both strong and flexible in our lives.  We must learn when to apply more effort and when to let go of attempts to control a situation.  We need to have a solid foundation as well as open hearts.  A regular yoga practice is one way to train ourselves to balance effort with ease.  Come join me this weekend for class as you prepare to dance across the waves this summer.  When we accept that change is coming, that the water will keep moving and that WE will keep moving, we can find a greater sense of balance in our lives.

Happy Surfing,


Check out my calendar for my up-to-date teaching schedule.  😀


Bali Hai Meets Rio de Janeiro

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Hey Yoginis and Yogis!!!  Boa noite do Brasil!!!  É minha primeira semana aqui!!  Essas fotos são da praira no Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.

Good evening from Brasil!  This is my first week here!  These photos are from a the beach in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.

Can you find the paddle boarder in the waves?? Imagine doing SUP yoga in the SEA!!!

Speaking of the sea, anyone remember the musical South Pacific?  As soon as I stepped onto the sand and saw the foggy islands in a distance and the foggy mountain, I started singing “Bali Hai.”  😀  Looking forward to some yoga on the beach.

Sending Love, Light, and Positive Vibes your way,

Anne  P.S.,

In fact, just for fun: Bali Hai

Boathouse Fun and Classes This Week



Hey Friends,

As the weather is getting cooler, I taught my last SUP Yoga class for the season yesterday evening with Manhattan Kayak Company.  It was a blast!  While the SUP Yoga season has ended, this is the beginning of something new.  🙂  Stay tuned, as I may soon be teaching land yoga classes at the Boathouse, right across from the Intrepid.  In the mean time, check out the website and Facebook page for other great classes and tours taking place on the Hudson River.

This week, come catch class with me at Area Yoga.

Friday Oct. 3
9:30 a.m. Power (Montague)

Sunday Oct. 4
9:45 a.m. Open Level (Montague)
12:30 p.m. Restorative (Court)


❤  Enjoy your week.  😉



Autmn Classes In NYC

Hey Everyone,

I hope your week is off to a lovely start.  Come play this week at the studio or on the river.  SUP Yoga season ends this weekend, as the air is getting cooler.  Come check it out!  It’s a totally different experience and so much fun!


Friday Sept. 26
9:30 a.m. Power – Area Yoga (Montague St.)

Saturday Sept. 27
10:10 a.m. Open Level – Area Yoga (Court St.)
11:50 a.m. Basic – Area Yoga (Court St.)

Sunday Sept. 28
9:45 a.m. Open Level – Area Yoga (Montague St.)
12:30 p.m. Restorative – Area Yoga (Court St.)
6:00 p.m. SUP Yoga – Pier 84 (Manhattan Kayak Company)

Peace, Friends.

Yoga Fun This Week!

Happy Monday!

Can you feel the magic in the air as the Autumn makes its way into town?  Anyone have butterflies in your stomach?  I sure do!  Add some magic to your week with some yoga and embrace the change in your midst.  😉

If you are still feeling the urge to check out Liquid Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga), come get it in this weekend!  SUP Yoga classes will end at the end of September, as the weather gets cooler.  What better way to enjoy the changing season?

Saturday Sept. 20
6:00 p.m. SUP Yoga – Pier 84 (Manhattan Kayak Company)

Sunday Sept. 21
9:45 a.m. Open Level – Area Yoga (Montague St.)
12:30 p.m. Restorative – Area Yoga (Court St.)
6:00 p.m. SUP Yoga – Pier 84 (Manhattan Kayak Company)

This Week’s Class Schedule

Hey Friends!

I have been out Blog-Land for a bit, but I’m back in action!  Come enjoy a class this week, and get into your Autumn Groove.


Tuesday Sept. 9
4:00 p.m. Open Level (Area Yoga– Court St.)

Saturday Sept. 13
6:00 p.m. SUP Yoga (Pier 84 Boathouse, Manhattan Kayak Company)

Sunday Sept. 14
9:45 a.m. Open Level (Area Yoga- Montague)
12:30 p.m. Restorative (Area Yoga- Court St)

Keep checking back for schedule updates. 🙂

Enjoy the changing season. 😉 I hope to see you soon.

Fun in the Sun and this week’s class schedule

Liquid Yoga (SUP Yoga) was a BLAST this weekend!  Come join me on Saturdays and Sundays through September at Pier 84 with Manhattan Kayak Company.

Classes to catch this week:

Manhattan Kayak Company:

Saturday, August 16:
6:00 p.m. SUP Yoga

Sunday, Aug. 17:
6:00 p.m. SUP Yoga

Area Yoga:

Monday, Aug. 11:
6:20 p.m. Open Level (Court)
7:45 p.m. Basics (Court)

Tuesday, Aug. 12:
12:30 p.m. Power (Court)
5:20 p.m. Mindful Flow (Court)

Wednesday, Aug. 13:
5:45 p.m. Open Level (Court)

Saturday, Aug. 16:
3:20 Power (Montague)