“When I started doing Yoga with Anne I was completely new to it – and honestly quite skeptical. Boy was I off. I’ve been better able to navigate through my daily stress and create a much higher awareness of my body. Her commitment to every student is impeccable, and I really enjoy how she has a long-term plan in place yet is still able to adjust to how I feel during each session. Yoga with Anne has helped me regain a sense of control of my body – and my life. Thank you!”
– Jay, Economist, New York, NY

“Anne has a gift for lighting up any room she walks into. She has this healing aura that makes yoga, dancing, creating beautiful thoughts – even life – fun and inspiring. She will encourage you to forgive your past mistakes and move every part of your physical body and mind with intention for potential growth. I have never felt so peaceful and centered in my thought process as I do when I’m meditating in her yoga practice, because she will take you to a field of wildflowers or to a sea-green beach. She has a certain way with words to create that safe space for you to feel comfortable, confident, and sexy in your body.”
– Sola Loy, Naturopathic Medical Student, Seattle, WA

“Anne is a unique and gifted yoga teacher. Her practice is rooted in visualization and dance. Each class emerges from imaginings which she leads. Sometimes it would be a simple image of being a surfer or a swimmer, other times more abstract. The union of concrete and conceptual was brought together in playful and real embodied movement. With her guidance even a very simple class with very basic yoga postures was alive and joyful. I often attended her classes on early Sunday mornings, exhausted from working in a busy restaurant the night before. Always left the class restored and engaged.”
-Steven Solomon, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

“It had been years since I practiced yoga and, needless to say, I was quite intimidated to start again. However, within minutes of entering Anne’s Warm Restorative class, I felt welcome and ready for the challenge of getting on my mat. Anne’s approach is gentle and kind, with a little humor added in, which continues to put me at ease and allow me to simply practice in the given moment. She is always ready with a word of encouragement or a modification, while also instilling in her students the idea that they can achieve great things. Now I cannot imagine a week without Anne’s class. Simply walking to her class makes me smile. Anne is certainly the best—and she gives the warmest hugs!”
– Marcie C., Writer, Brooklyn, NY

“Anne’s teaching style offers a creative and rejuvenating exercise of mind, body, and spirit surpassing the typical yoga experience. In each class, she provides a unique challenge through artfully expressed guidance and visuals. Anne’s talent reaches even beyond her clever analogies for postures to enlightening wisdom applicable to everyday life. I am thankful for her skill in helping me to be truly present and grow in my practice.”
– Kelsey Daigrepont, Louisiana



One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I definitely agree with the testimonials posted above. After several false starts with practicing Yoga during my twenties, I finally started practicing Yoga 2-3 times a week a little over two months ago at the urging of my physical therapist as a way to manage my chronic knee pain. I first had the pleasure of attending one of Anne’s classes when she was subbing for another teacher. Since that day, I made it a priority to attend her classes, even if that meant practicing Yoga on a Friday night after a long week of work instead of hanging out with friends or going home and crashing on the couch. Anne lights up a room and has the special ability to put you at ease. She does an excellent job guiding you through class, while also letting you explore your own body and mood. She has a calming yet authoritative voice and always invites you to come back to class if your mind has wandered off; a soothing reminder to be present, which I definitely appreciate. She also helps you make great adjustments and often times gives you several options in how to experience a pose. I truly looked forward to seeing Anne and taking her class 2 times a week. I am sad she is leaving the studio I attend, but know she will be successful wherever her path leads.

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